We value our customers and take care of them, so we provide the consultations of transporting special cargos (oversized, special, dangerous, complex). We also optimize logistics processes by offering alternatives, thus your company does not need to hire an extra staff nor spend extra money to maintain the most ambitious requests.

We make sure, that your cargo has been packed and mounted correctly, meeting the different transportation requirements worldwide. We explain the risks, which may be imposed for non-compliance. If necessary or requested, we pack, mark and sort out your cargo, so that it would meet the different transportation requirements worldwide.

We consult with operations of the customs of Lithuanian and Russian Federation, also calculate customs duties by providing cost-effective and/or the fastest route options. We also consult of cargo insurance and, if necessary, recommend the insurance companies, which are offering the best insurance conditions for particular cargos.

Do you have any questions? Do you want a professional advice? Contact us. We will answer all your questions, sort out all your requests.

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